About Us

We are a small company based in Swift Current, Saskatchewan that serves the international market. Our goal is to turn the maille industry upside down; we plan to use our developing technology to supply the highest quality maille at competitive prices. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and processing maille and innovative ideas about how to diversify our product line. We also strive to maintain high standards for customer service, user friendliness and communication - regardless of the size of the order.

Jon and Bernice Daniels (owners of TheRingLord.com) co-own MailleTec.com . Three of four MailleTec team members previously worked for TheRingLord.com on the welded chainmail fabric product lines that are now on MailleTec.com. Together with TRL, MailleTec has over 50 years of chainmaille experience. Jon and Bernice act in an advisory role to help develop MailleTec and its position in the industry. Their expertise in the chainmail industry is used in larger projects, sales and marketing. Every member of our company is a trained professional with experience in aspects of maille manufacture and use. In addition each person brings their own unique set of skills and abilities to the company.